Język polski

Egzamin z języka polskiego jako obcego

Polish Certificate in 6 weeks

ATTENTION! We invite you to PREPARATORY COURSES for  learning Polish as a foreign language. We offer an exam course at the following levels: A2, B1, B2 and C1. There are opportunities to take exams in Gdansk! The courses start in Februar, May and October. Exams for Polish as a foreign language will take place on […]

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egzamin na certyfikat polskiego

How to acquire the internationally recognized Polish Certificate?

International Certificate in Polish State exams that end with obtaining a certificate confirming the knowledge of Polish as a foreign language are designed to determine the skills they have, regardless of the institution of the course, the curriculum, the materials and methods used. Knowledge of Polish is defined as the ability to understand modern Polish […]

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Conversations in Polish

Let’s talk! Why are conversations while learning a language so important?

Conversations are a key and inseparable element of developing language skills because speech is the most valuable communication tool we use every day. One of the possibilities to make learning a foreign language effective is conversation. Only in such a way we will be able to learn the practical application of the words, expressions or […]

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Language requirements at work and at schools

Language requirements at work and at universities

More and more Polish universities require foreigners who want to study in the Polish language, a state certificate of language proficiency, confirming language proficiency at level B1. Institutions, depending on the type of study undertaken, place foreigners different requirements in terms of language proficiency, i.e. passing the examination of the Polish language organized by the […]

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Mnemotechnics in practice

Mnemotechnics in learning the Polish language

One of the most effective tools that we can reach in the process of learning a foreign language are mnemonics, which help remember, store and remember information. There are several types of mnemotechnics that are particularly useful in learning foreign languages. Belong to them: Chain association method – which gives you the opportunity to memorize […]

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