Let’s talk! Why are conversations while learning a language so important?

Conversations are a key and inseparable element of developing language skills because speech is the most valuable communication tool we use every day.

One of the possibilities to make learning a foreign language effective is conversation. Only in such a way we will be able to learn the practical application of the words, expressions or grammatical rules we learn – if we do not use a word, it is in resource of the so-called “dead vocabulary”, which we know and understand, can read, but we cannot build a sentence with it, and we often don’t even remember it during a conversation.

Another advantage of the conversations is learning the correct pronunciation and accent provided that the classes are carried out by the teacher, and where the skills are necessary in the efficient use of the language. Language is a living creation that must be learned in practice, because it is also used in real life. It is also the best way to effectively learn a language that will break language barriers. It is known that many students are accompanied by stress, lack of self-confidence, as well as doubts in their own strength, which often stop them from speaking in the language they learn. Therefore, it is important that the conversations take place systematically, thanks to which we will maintain the continuity of learning. Conversational classes also naturally create a desire to express thoughts, freedom of expression and remember vocabulary related to a given topic. Check the conversations classes here.


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